Kate Young of the Little Library Café shares a recipe for macaroons inspired by Elizabeth von Armin’s The Enchanted April (whose e-book happens to be just $1.99 today!).

Writing in the Financial Times, Nilanjana Roy argues that keeping a formal list of every book you read reveals “your truest loves”, and is also an illuminating act of honesty in an age where digitally enhanced perfection rules.

On Stylist, watch actress and Scrappy Little Nobody author Anna Kendrick talk about some of her favourite female writers.

The Guardian speaks to Sally Rooney, former England debating champion and author of the novel Conversations with Friends.

Tracey Chevalier’s New Boy and Lucy Worsley’s Jane Austen at Home are among the Herald’s Books of the Week.

In The Bookseller, Clare Grist Taylor explores the dangers of promoting people too soon in the publishing industry.

A historic book from an abbey has been found in a Shrewsbury school library.

Oliver Kay has won the Cross Sports Book of the Year for Forever Young, his biography of the former Manchester United prodigy Adrian Doherty, who was expected to become a star of United’s class of ’92.

The Times Higher Ed shares what its scholar-readers are reading this week.

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