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Today in Brit Lit news, 24th May 2017

How can publishers crack mobile reading when everyone’s glued to their phones? A valid question asked by For some, the answer is to start serialising.

The Metro rounds up 20 books all ’90s kids read, and only a few of them are Harry Potter.

Up for grabs from the New Scientist: a stack of science books for foodies.

Neil Gaiman hopes to raise $1m for refugees with a Dr Seuss reading.

Jenny Colgan chooses her 10 favourite unlikely romantic heroes in fiction.

Pulitzer-winning memoir The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land In Between has won Hisham Matar the Rathbones Folio prize.

Simon Key of Wood Green’s Big Green Bookshop had landed a book deal off the back of his “my kids are asleep” tweets.

 Banned Book Week is coming to the UK this year.

The memoir of late Labour MP Jo Cox, written by her husband Brendan, has received the backing of former president Barack Obama who said she “made the world a better place”.

Pan Macmillan is inviting online “influencers” and “brand advocates” to host hundreds of book-themed house parties simultaneously across the UK to help promote books.




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