This week’s recommendation from the British backlist is a genuinely funny, feel-good, warm-hearted chick lit classic from 2000. I loved it.

Becky’s misadventures with letters from the bank and credit card companies were distressingly reminiscent of my own 20s. I loved how her situation resolved itself, and I loved her voice and her (again, very familiar) delusions — as well as how very British it all was.

And if you love it too, there’s a whole series you can read.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (also known as The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic), by Sophie Kinsella

Meet Rebecca Bloomwood.

She has a great flat, a fabulous wardrobe full of the season’s must-haves, and a job telling other people how to manage their money. She spends her leisure time … shopping.

Retail therapy is the answer to all her problems. She knows she should stop, but she can’t. She tries Cutting Back, she tries Making More Money. But neither seems to work. The letters from the bank are getting harder to ignore. Can Becky ever escape from this dreamworld, find true love, and regain the use of her credit card?