Mark Stay’s new fantasy novel, The End of Magic, is hot off the press. As well as being an author, he’s one half of the podcast The Bestseller Experiment, which chronicles his adventures in publishing alongside another friend of his, helpfully also called Mark. The podcast has tons of useful advice for anyone conducting their own experiment in becoming a bestselling author. We talked about Mark’s new novel, his experience of crowdfunding, three things he’s learned along the way of his experiment in becoming a bestselling author, and more.

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Books Mentioned on the Podcast:

Back to Reality, by Mark Stay and Mark Oliver

The End of Magic, by Mark Stay

Robot Overlords, by Mark Stay

Headhunters, by Jo Nesbo

Robot Overlords, by Tade Thompson

Soupy Twists!: The Full Official Story of the Sophisticated Silliness of Fry and Laurie, by Jem Roberts

The Lost Properties of Love, by Sophie Ratcliffe

The Face Pressed Against a Window, by Tim Waterstone

A Love Story for Bewildered Girls, by Emma Morgan

I Owe You One, by Sophie Kinsella

Unscripted, by Claire Handscombe

(A note on my book links: they usually take you to Amazon, and I get a few pence per sale at no extra cost to you if you click them and buy from there, which will help me make this podcast viable long-term. But better than Amazon, who are, let’s be honest, not the greatest, is Blackwells or Waterstones, or, even better, your local independent bookshop. If you live in the US or elsewhere further afield, you can find UK books at Book Depository (also owned by Amazon) at a good price and with no postage cost, or sometimes at, or you can buy them from Amazon US, or, even better, an independent bookshop.)


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