The Evening Standard recommends two World War I books to read to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice.

At Cambridge University’s Varsity, Vee Tames explores why we need adaptations – and how they can be gloriously enriching.

Created at the height of Victorian prudishness, the Bodleian Library’s Phi collection was designed to protect young minds from ‘immoral’ books. More than a century later, they’re going on display for the first time.

National writing charity Arvon, known for its residential courses, has made changes to encourage inclusivity, including launching online classes and discounts for younger participants.

Mr B’s Emporium in Bath has raised almost £64,000 to expand its premises since launching its crowdfunder last month.

A new library campaign is launching that, for the first time ever, will see 22 public library authorities joining forces to promote one book across the whole North West region.