Claire’s guest today is Joanna Penn, who’s a bit of a superstar in the world of self-publishing. She’s the author of 28 books to date, including thrillers and non-fiction to help authors with their careers, and she’s an award-winning creative entrepreneur, podcaster, and professional speaker. Her website,, has been named as one of the Top 100 sites for writers by Writer’s Digest. She talks about her own career journey, the state of self-publishing now and how it has changed, and more. If you’re an aspiring author, this episode is full of practical tips — as well as a lot of encouragement!

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Books Mentioned on the Podcast:

Valley of Dry Bones, by JF Penn

How To Write Non-Fiction, by Joanna Penn

Successful Self-Publishing, by Joanna Penn

Map of Shadows, by JF Penn

A Thousand Fiendish Angels, by JF Penn

Crypt of Bone, by JF Penn

Danse Macabre, by Stephen King

Rot & Ruin, by Jonathan Maberry

State of Play: Under the Skin of the Modern Game, by Michael Galvin.

Four Feet Under: Thirty Untold Stories of Homelessness in London, by Tamsen Courtenay.

The Island, by M A Bennett

Prague Spring, by Simon Mawer

Unscripted, by Claire Handscombe

(A note on my book links: they usually take you to Amazon, and I get a few pence per sale at no extra cost to you if you click them and buy from there, which will help me make this podcast viable long-term. But better than Amazon, who are, let’s be honest, not the greatest, is Blackwells or Waterstones, or, even better, your local independent bookshop. If you live in the US or elsewhere further afield, you can find UK books at Book Depository (also owned by Amazon) at a good price and with no postage cost, or sometimes at, or you can buy them from Amazon US, or, even better, an independent bookshop.)


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