Lucy Mangan, author of Bookworm, wants you to read soul-soothing historical fiction novels. And on Red, Sarra Manning has her own recommendations for the genre.

On the Guardian, Jane Smiley picks her top 10 books about horses.

The Independent has a list of 13 books every young liberal should read.

The Independent rounds up the ten best new feminist books in the non-fiction aisle.

Cosmo UK has recommendations for 20 books every woman should read before she turns 20.

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There is a “disturbing” trend of children in reception and at nursery school picking up library books and trying to “swipe left”.

Amazon has published the gender pay gap for its UK operations, revealing a median gender pay gap of -0.7% in favour of women. (Is this because they’re just equally underpaying everyone? Let’s not rule that out, is all I’m saying.)

A crowdfunding campaign has raised £12,000 to send a book on the crisis in the legal system to every sitting MP.

Neil Gaiman is to produce a Gormenghast adaptation for TV.