The Guardian books blog asks: why does literature ignore pregnancy?

In the latest episode of the Brit Lit Podcast, we hear from Jimena of London’s Belgravia Books about what she loves most about working in a bookshop, French books to put on your reading list, and the new worlds that translated fiction opens up to us.

Books out today include Monsieur Ka, by Vena Goldsworthy, The Image of You, by Adele Parks, and Unthinkable, by Helen Thomson.  For a weekly roundup of new titles delivered to your inbox every Thursday, head to the Brit Lit Blog’s Patreon page.

The book trade is a “custodian of empathy” and plays a vital part in reminding the world of the universality of the human condition, writer and broadcaster Sally Magnusson has said.

Simon & Schuster UK saw a rise in sales and profit in 2017, driven by a “significant” increase in print and downloadable audio book sales.

As mentioned yesterday, a new report from Renaissance Learning suggests the reading comprehension of secondary school pupils is falling below that of primary school children because teenagers are not reading challenging enough books.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls 2 is flying off the shelves.

Ahead of World Book Day, Wales Online report on the the most popular books in Wales’ schools ahead of World Book Day.

After Annihilation: the Telegraph rounds up 10 strange sci-fi books that should be on screen.