Avid bookworms can stop refreshing their browsers: always an exciting read, the Guardian’s Year in Books piece is here, with literary anniversaries, book releases to look forward to, and more.

The publishing industry has mixed feelings about the outlook for 2018.

In today’s JK Rowling news: you can order a butterbeer from Starbucks’ secret Harry Potter menu.

Beth Underdown’s The Witchfinder’s Sister, a Richard and Judy pick for spring 2018, is just £1.99 on many ereaders today.

The Today Programme discusses: do we need self-help books?

World Book Day has revealed its YA book titles for 2018, including novels by John Green, Frances Hardinge and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Actors Jenna Coleman and Ewen Leslie are to star in the BBC’s adaptation of Helen FitzGerald’s The Cry.

Irish books are now eligible for the Man Booker Prize. (Is anyone else surprised they weren’t already?)

The government will establish 35 country-wide “English hubs” to boost children’s literacy as part of a £5.7m investment. It’s probably escaped their notice that hubs for literacy already exist, they’re called libraries, and they’re shutting down in record numbers due to underfunding.

Book Aid International sent over 930,000 books to thousands of communities across 20 countries in 2017.

Graham Greene and Jorge Luis Borges were serious contenders for the Nobel prize for literature in 1967, newly opened archives have revealed.