Merriam-Webster have named “feminism” their word of the year. (It edged out “complicit”.) The Pool discusses why it matters.

Tell Book Riot your favourite books, and they’ll tell you your Hogwarts house.

“He began to eat Hermione’s family”: it turns out, shockingly, that a bot is not all that good at writing a Harry Potter book.


Richard and Judy have revealed the spring 2018 picks for their Book Club.

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Penguin Random House Children’s is to publish the first ever all-female authored Doctor Who collection of short stories.

John Woolf has won the Biographers’ Club Tony Lothian Prize 2017 for his proposed book Queen Victoria’s Freaks: The Performers at Buckingham Palace.

Stylist has nine brilliant stories by women to read right now.


2018’s World Book Night books will focus on mental health.

Còsagach is the Gaelic word for snug or cosy and “the essence of Scottishness”, and publishers, it seems, are trying to force is to be the next hygge.

Are you lonely, nervous about Christmas or frustrated with relatives? William Sieghart of the much-loved Poetry Pharmacy will be at the Guardian to prescribe you a poem for your problems this Friday. Post your requests here.

The Guardian rounds up the top ten books about getting older.

Business school professors and Financial Times writers share the books and articles that changed their outlook at work this year.

If you’re looking for a gift for the whiskey love in your life, here are some books that might do the trick.

Best of 2017

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Connections between Oscar Wilde and Edith Wharton are among the topics discussed on the TLS Podcast this week.

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