You can now literally have breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Stylist has an exclusive excerpt of Jo Jo Moyes’ Still Me, which is out in January.

The yearly Nemo’s Almanac continues to be the world’s hardest book quiz.

A new study tells us what we probably already knew: colouring books for adults benefit mental health.

The Guardian has a slightly scathing review of My Life, Our Times, by Gordon Brown, arguing that he displays knowledge of everything except himself.


The Telegraph argues it’s no wonder there’s no book of the year — publishers have forgotten how to edit. This has apparently happened in a matter of months, since teh writer contrasts this state of affairs with, for example, The Essex Serpent.

Meanwhile, Waterstones are still at the shortlist stage when it comes to finding their book of the year.

Despite the fact that Black Friday is Not A Thing In the UK, Good Housekeeping anticipates some good book deals.

Book Trust is encouraging families to read together.

Emily Ford has won the RSL VS Pritchett Short Story Prize 2017 for her short story “The Hikers”.

Peepal Tree Press has won the Clarissa Luard Award for Independent Publishers for its “tenacity in a challenging market”. The £10,000 prize money it will receive has been earmarked to launch a fortnightly podcast.

Tom Stoppard has won the 2017 David Cohen Prize for Literature.

If you like Matthew Bolton’s How to Resist: Turn Protest to Power, you might enjoy this free event.


The latest episode of The Readers is up, and Simon and Thomas catch us up on what they’ve been reading lately.

We have a new Paddington Bear book to look forward to next year, and Michael Bond’s daughter Karen Jankel told the Today Programme how he created the story. And on Book Shambles, Robin and Josie are joined by one of Paddington 2’s script writers.

On Woman’s Hour, Penelope Lively spoke to Jenni Murray about her new book, Life in the Garden, part memoir and part exploration of gardens in literature.

Spectator Books features an interview with Hilary Spurling, the author of a new biography of Anthony Powell.

On Front Row, Stephen Fry talks about his new book, Mythos.