Getting ready to go on holiday? Sam Baker rounds up recent books that hit the sweet spot between beachy and brainy. And if you’re going to Glastonbury, the Guardian has book recommendations for that.

The publishing industry has been getting whole-heartedly involved in Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

In today’s batch of Harry Potter fever, Hufflepuff is the least popular Hogwarts House by quite some way, if Amazon shopping trends are any indication, and Kate Young shares a recipe for rock cakes in the Guardian, inspired but hopefully tastier than the ones Hagrid feeds to Harry.

The Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year is back.

There’s about to be a new podcast in town: in “Book Off!”, “authors, comedians and figures from the music and film worlds will argue the case for one book that is of importance to them.” Paula Hawkins and John Boyne will be the first guests.

Historian Rebecca Rideal has pulled out of the Chalke Valley History Festival in protest at the lack of diversity among speakers there, sparking a controversy, or what some might say is a much-needed debate.