On the Book Riot website, a selection of great British books coming to the US this month. And on their podcast this week, a discussion of Mr B’s Emporium Reading Spa in Bath — an ideal gift for a book lover or treat for yourself.

Red online rounds up the cult books “everyone should read”.

The Guardian reports that “seven British spies have been outed in a new biography of Maxwell Knight, the naturalist and spymaster who is believed to have been the model for M in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels”.

Olivia Sudjic’s highly praised debut Sympathy has been described as “The first great Instagram novel. Over on the Refinery 29 UK, she gives us a glimpse of her reading life.

The Guardian looks at comic books heroines through the years and rounds up the best campus novels.

The publishing industry has celebrated author Philippa Gregory’s 30-year career.

Kobo, the alternative and independent-bookseller-friendly ereader, now comes in a lighter, cheaper waterproof version.

Pulitzer prize winner Colson Whitehead has been shortlisted for the Arthur C Clarke award for science fiction, with his novel The Underground Railroad appearing on a six-book list.

The Guardian reviews two books about the Hillary Clinton campaign, as well as Adults in the Room by Yanis VaroufakisThe Plagiarist in the Kitchen by Jonathan Meades, and Middle Ages by Johannes Fried.