The city of New York features prominently in the fresh batch of WH Smith Fresh Talent books. The campaign, which, promotes “great new writing” from debut or emerging authors launches on 30th March.

Timothy Snyder’s new book On Tyranny, offering a “chilling” comparison of present-day personality politics and the regimes of Hitler and Stalin, is to be published by Vintage in its entirety across a row of posters in East London.

Stylist rounds up quotes about mothers and daughters in literature.

The Painted Garden by Noel Streatfeild inspires a sweet take on Yorkshire pudding in this popover recipe.

Authors are unimpressed by a £4 million government fund to support innovation in public libraries.

The Guardian reviews The Erstwhile by B Catling and The Brittle Star, a debut novel about the American Civil War by British author Davina Langdale.

David Barnett explores why we still love hardboiled crime.

Sophie Kinsella is to turn her hand to children’s books.

Among the new books out today is Sophy Ridge’s The Women Who Shaped Politics: Empowering stories of women who have shifted the political landscape.