You can get free books on World Book Day (tomorrow), and here’s how.

Simon and Thomas discuss the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen on The Readers.

Apparently one in five Brits can’t name a single “author of literature”, whatever that means, but can we talk about the awkwardness of that wording and the fact that people were probably scared of naming authors in case they weren’t literature-y enough?

The same survey (to be taken, evidently, with a pinch of salt) claims that readers of “literature” tend to stick to old and dead white writers and that libraries are crucial to the nation’s engagement with literature.

Virago has launched the #BooksForChange initiative for International Women’ Day.

Claire McFall has won the first Scottish Teenage Book Prize with Black Cairn Point.

Francesca Simon explains why she has joined authors Jacqueline Wilson, David Walliams and David Almond to write a book for World Book Day.