One gallery in London is responding to the ugly narratives of migrant bans and Islamovilification with a show that opens Valentine’s Day, writes M Lynx Qualey of Book Riot. The show is “inpired by Arabic Poetry of Love & Lust”.


Speaking of lust, author Sarra Manning recommends ten of her favourite dirty books at Red online.

On the sweeter end of the spectrum, the same website also some of the most beautiful lines from love poems.

JK Rowling has been giving Piers Morgan a sternly worded piece of her mind on Twitter. Rowling’s fans are rallying to her side — not that she really needs them — including Wood Green’s Big Green Bookshop, who are seemingly tweeting the entirety of Harry Potter at Piers Morgan in response to his claim that he hasn’t read any of the series.

You can post your questions for Neil Gaiman here for tomorrow’s Guardian live chat.

Joanna Trollope discusses her latest novel, City of Friends, on BBC Radio Four’s Books and Authors podcast, which also features literature from the Mid West and African romance novels.