Every weekend, we delve into the British backlist and recommend a book for you.

Amanda Craig’s 2010 novel Hearts And Mindsis a story of intertwining London lives. It packs an emotional punch and you may find yourself still thinking about at least one of its characters several years later.

hearts-and-minds“Rich or poor, five people, seemingly very different, find their lives in the capital connected in undreamed-of ways. There is Job, the illegal mini-cab driver whose wife in Zimbabwe no longer answers his letters; Ian, the idealistic supply teacher in exile from South Africa; Katie from New York, jilted and miserable as a dogsbody at a political magazine, and fifteen-year-old Anna, trafficked into sexual slavery. Polly Noble, an overworked human rights lawyer, knows better than most how easy it is to fall through the cracks into the abyss. Yet when her au pair, Iryna, disappears, Polly’s own needs and beliefs drag her family into a world of danger, deceit and terror.”

You can get it in the UK via your local bookshop or here. In the US, you can get it, currently priced at just $7.81, via bookdepository.com (always a good place for UK books, postage free) or on audio via Audible.